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    Provisioning setup using 2 networks

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      I am working to get a provisioning setup running in my lab and I had a question about using two different networks for BSA Provisioning.


      We must have DHCP running on a separate VLAN in order to avoid conflicts with out production VLAN dhcp setup.


      Our networks look like this:


      VLAN 100 (Production)

      VLAN 101 (Provisioning)


      I need to know what the proper way to set this up is, my initial thoughts were like this:


      BSA App Server has 1 NIC connected to "Production VLAN"

      DHCP Server has 1 NIC connected to "Provisioning VLAN"

      PXE Server has 2 NIC's- one on each VLAN and it's configured to bind on the "Provisioning" NIC


      Target Machines will boot on the "Provisioning VLAN" where the DHCP will hand it an IP address and the PXE will pick it up, then communicate to BSA on the "Production VLAN"


      It isn't working like I expected, the server boots and gets an IP from the DHCP but that's as far as it goes. I don't see anything in the PXE log.


      Will this even work? I had a few specific questions:


      What IP address should I be setting for "option bl-server"?

      Which interface should I set for the PXE server to bind?

      Is there a better way to do this?


      Any help would be appreciated.