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    Can't modify/replace a Property Class

      I'm still in the process of standardizing property classes and such for my application deployments.  About 6 months ago, I'd created a property class "JBOSS_APP_CLASS" with the properties I'd identified, and added that to the SERVER property class as "APP_OMS".  I'd expected that the properties would be a bit more "standard", but they're not.  So since then I've created a newer JBOSS class, with sub classes for the specific apps to extend with needed properties.


      Now when I try and change the APP_OMS to use the newer property class, all the options are greyed out.  I'm using the BLAdmins role.  I can't delete this property either, I can only "deprecate" it.  I've deleted all of the older related jobs and blpackages, but still no change.


      If there is something somewhere still referencing this, how can I find it?  Is it not possible to modify/delete this property?