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    SuSe kernel upgrade using Bladelogic 8.1


      We are going to upgrade  to the latest  kernel version with in SLES11SP1 (kernel-default- ) released in 14-May-2012  From (kernel-default- released in 27-Apr-2011 which has bug and currently deployed in In ALL IM Linux. 

      While upgrading the Kernel it will also update /upgrade other dependent RPMs and library files. So Our(also customer’s) concern is:

                a)Is there a Rollback Feature available within Bladelogic Tool to go back to the Previous Kernel and its Dependent package  ?


                b) While deploying the Kernel level RPM does it automatically packages the dependent RPM while doing analysis against the given RPM(kernel-default- ) or do we need to analyze against the dependent rpm's as well.

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