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    MAS Implimentation in BBSA

    Nitin Murkute

      Hi All,


      I am implimenting MAS(Multiple Application Servers) in BBSA 8.2.

      But my requirement is like "One Application Server(Job Server 1) will execute Patching Job only" and Second Application Server(Job Server 2) will execute  Provisioning Job only.


      I have 4 Physical servers.


      Server A: Config Server

      Server B: Primary Server

      Server C: Job Server(Patch)

      Server D : Job Server(Provisioning)


      So, for example, GUI Connected to Server A, sholud execute Patching job (which should run on Server C only).



      I have also set up

      1. Clocks are set the same on all App Server.

      2. Certificates are also synchronized between the environments.


      So,my question is can we do the same means only Patching will done on one APP SERVER by creating some Properties.

      OR,Can we create some dynamic properties which helps to auto-select that properties while creating Patch Job which in turn will execute the same on APP SERVER which is configure for the Patching Job only.

      Also,can we do the same for Provisioning.



      Thanks in Advance.................................................