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    Create a service request executing an automatic task and automatically closing

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      I would like to create a service request that calls upon an external script in order to be fulfilled.


      The script would typically send a structured mail with data from the service request to an external application, perform some standard tasks (e.g. password reset) using data from the service request, etc.


      I was basically thinking to achieve this by creating a service request that would create a no impact change request in the back ground, with one automatic task within the change, executing the necessary external script.


      Once the script has been executed, the task -> change -> service request must close automatically.

      A next step would be to implement a script return code check to see if all ok before starting the close the different objects.

      But this might be one step to far altogether.


      Anyway, I've been investigating a bit on how to set up such a process, but I cannot find the correct way to achieve this.


      Has anyone done this before and guide me through the process?


      Thanks in advance.