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    PXE boot vm

      I am working on a CLM 2.1 implemenation where the client wants all servers (VMs and Physical) to undergo the same build process.

      So this means pxe booting VMs.


      We have the process pretty well nailed down.

      We have a shell VM (i.e. no OS) created by a BBSA virtual guest package.

      And we have a OS package the starts the pxe boot process.

      Both have been tested out and works just fine.


      One problem however, when the new shell VM is created it has to be manually powered up before the PXE process starts.

      CLM does not know this and assumes that everything ran ok.


      My Question:  when doing bare metal provisioning of virtual machines - how do we automate the "power on" segment of the process?

      Is there a configuration setting we missed?

      Is there a nsh script that has to run to install vmware tools and then power up the vm?


      Anybody ever done bare metal provisioning of virtual machines before?