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    User Mapping

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      I have Created Package which executing some SQL scripts.

      The Role, which I logged in to Bladelogic is mapped to ‘oracle’ user under Role-->Agent ACL.

      When I Deploy BLPackage, the commands are getting failed. However if I execute the shell script manually on the server with ‘oracle’ uid, it executed successfully.

      My questions are:

      1. How the user map (under Agent ACL) works in Bladelogic?
      2. If I execute anything, does Bladelogic use the user (UID) which mapped under Agent ACL?



      Version:  BMC Server Automation 8.2

      Target Machine Platform:   Linux Redhat




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          your're mapped to the user but your script is executed as if you execute it from a cron which means without your user profile has run, so you've not your env variables. To do so,  source .bash_profile at the beginning of your script.

          • 2. User Mapping

            Hi Fred,


            is this below code right one?




            source .bash_profile




            export $ORACLE_SID


            . oraenv

            cd /tmp/SQL_SCRIPT/test1

            sqlplus $USERNAME/$PASSWORD << EOF > /tmp/output.log




            • 3. User Mapping

              I guess source should be good. I more use following syntaxe:

              . .bash_profile


              Then you not sure your ORACLE_SID will be what you expect as after its declaration you source oraenv which should define ORACLE_SID...

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                Hi Fred ,


                Still My job is getting failed.


                Let me explain you clearly. I need execute deployment.sql script on the database server with userid 'oracle123'.


                What actualy I have followed:


                1. I have created role called ORACLE_ADMIN and maped to 'oracle123' user under Agent ACL.
                2. I have created BLPackage and imported both deployment.sql and ShellScript to execute this SQL file. ( I have attached shell script here)
                3. I have added external command to BLPackage. External command is as below:



                When i execute it is getting failed.


                Am I following proper method?





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                  After step 1, did you pushed the ACLs on the agent?

                  Could you run the deploy job with full log setup to all information and provide the result?


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                    Hi Fred,


                    There was problem on Agent ACL pushed. Now it is resolved and it is working fine.




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                      You're wellcome.