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CLM & Physical provisioning

jose angel de las heras

Hello All, I have plenty ofdoubts about physical provisioning in CLM, can you help me?


1.- In the Supported Devices of CLM there is not distinctionbetween physical & virtual provisioning. Does this minds that we onlysupport physical provisioning when the physical servers are connected to Ciscoswitches?


2.- For what I have read, it seems that there is notrelationship at all between Physical Provision and Service Blueprints. Is thiscorrect?


3.- It should be a relationship between the vlan(s) createdin a Network Container that contains a physical switch and the Device NICdetails in BL (XX:XX:XX:XX:XX,physical_Switch,VLAN_NNN)


4.- What commands are executed in the physical switch whenwe create a network container that includes a physical switch?


5.- What commands are executed in the physical switch when anew physical Server is provisioned


6.- Should we include in the network container all thephysical switches that will be included in the communications needed by thephysical server that we are provisioning?


7.- If 6=yes, will all the vlans be created in the switches(trunk ports …) in the moment of the creation of the Network Container?