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    Database question upgrading BSA 8.2 to 8.2 SP1

    Joe Piotrowski

      We're in the process of upgrading BSA 8.2 to BSA 8.2 SP1. We sent the instructions and scripts to the DBA to run. This is the reponse we got:


      "I ran the attached script and the report came back saying that for Migration Path from 8.1.x to 8.2.0 we need:
      TEMP, UNDO, DATA FREE, and INDEX FREE requirements are 4GB which is ok, I have enough space to increase it for DATA and INDEX. For TEMP and UNDO current allocation for the max size is 10GB for each so it seems like we should be ok on those too.


      The one I am concerned with is about the archive logs. We share this database with many other applications so the archive logging cannot be turned off. If you could have BMC let us know how much archive logs are going to be generated during the upgrade so we can prepare for that. We don’t have that much space left in the directory that we use for the archive logs. If we do need a lot of space, we will have a problem. This directory is also being by the backup jobs so we can take away too much space that would cause problems to those backup jobs.


      Can anyone give me a rough estimate on the size of the archive logs that will be generated by this upgrade?

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          Bill Robinson

          ideally the bladelogic schema should be in its own instance, can you confirm whether or not that is the case?  if there are other schemas in this instance, then what he says about the archive logs is true.  I don't know if we can determine how much archive log traffic we are going to generate or not.  I know i've run into issues during upgrades when archive logs are enabled, esp if space is tight. 


          so he either needs to get more space for the archive logs, or be constantly monitoring that space during the upgrade so he can free it up if possible or disable archive logs an take the hit on the oher apps during the upgrade window.

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            Joe Piotrowski

            It is in a shared instance with several other schemas. I've spoken to them about moving the schema to another instance but that is not possible at this time. It is planned for future however.