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    BLCLI: Add server

    Monoj Padhy

      Hi Guys,


      Does BLCLI allow in any way to add server without RSCD agent ?


      I tried with blcli Server addServer hostname but no luck.


      But through console adding a server to appserver is possible.

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          Server addServer  false



          sending the false will tell BSA to not contact the agent.


          Server : addServer

          This command lets you add a server, even if the server is not up, or does not have an agent yet.

          This command adds a server to the pool of servers managed by BMC BladeLogic. This command does not add the server to any specific role or group.

          The name of the server should be a name recognized by an available DNS service. The name can be a short name, a fully qualified name, or even an IP address of the server.

          The name that this command specifies will be the name by which the server is stored and referenced within the BMC BladeLogic framework.

          This command returns the ID of the newly added server.

          Return Type: int

          Command Input

          Argument Name


          Argument Type








          Name of the server.






          Indicates whether or not you want the add process to contact the agent on each server and attempt to retrieve each server's intrinsic properties (true/false).



          The following example shows you how to add a server without attempting to retrieve that server's intrinsic properties. You can later obtain the server's intrinsic properties by running an Update Server Properties job.

          blcli Server addServer myServer false

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            Monoj Padhy

            Hi Adam,


            I tried as you suggested but no luck.

            please find the attached screenshot for the error.

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              Monoj Padhy

              Hi Adam,


              got success.


              blcli Server addServerIfIPUnique server_name Ip_address false

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                Jiunn LAM

                Which BBSA version/release are you using?

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                  You are on an older version of BSA. If you use the NSH performance commands, this will work.


                  blcli_setoption serviceProfileName <authentication profile name i.e. defaultProfile>

                  blcli_setoption roleName <role name i.e. BLAdmins>

                  blcred cred -acquire -profle <serviceProfileName from above> -username <your username>


                  blcli_execute Server addServer myServer false

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                    Monoj Padhy

                    Its BBSA 8.2


                    Thanks guys for your help. Server successfully added by the below command.


                    blcli Server addServerIfIPUnique server_name Ip_address false

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                      ok., please mark the answer and close the thread for others who come behind you

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                        Monoj Padhy

                        @ Adam


                        This is just a discussion. I cant mark as answer as this is not a kind of Question.

                        I do mentioned the solution for the discussion in my previous thread.

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                          This is what I use when I want to add bunch of hostnames to BladeLogic (agent or no agent, does not matter)



                          blcli_execute Server bulkAddServers "" /path/to/server_list.txt US-ASCII false


                          server_list.txt contains:








                          "false" - the last parameter of blcli command is what makes it not care about the agent. But you will still need to take care fo the agent piece later on.



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                            Joe Piotrowski

                            Weird, typically created Discussions have the ability to mark replies as Answered and Helpful. Not sure why that is not the case in this thread.

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                              Monoj Padhy

                              @ Joe


                              When the Discussions is started, there is a check box for marking the Discussion as Question. So that at later stage replies can be marked as Answered and Helpful.


                              Probably in this Disscussion i missed on that part. You can see in the attached screen shot for this.


                              Please excuse me for that.