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    User Role - Agent ACL - User Mapping

      I would like to map a role to a specific user instead of kurator for Windows, (our NT Admins do not look kindly on service accounts).


      We seem to have Domain Authentication working just fine when logging into the console by using the domain WRBTS.ADS.WRBERKLEY.COM with our user name. However this does not work in the user mapping for the role, as I lose ability to browse the server. It will work if I switch the "Map to" back to kurator. I would like to avoid using kurator.


      I have tried several scenarios, does anyone know the proper formatting of the "map to" field to get it to correctly pass through a fully authenticated domain name? Ideally I'd like to use a domain group, but I've been told BladeLogic will not map to a domain group.


      Below is a picture showing how I have it now, which is not working.