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    'Connection timed out' error when running 'Verify' on servers

    S Crawford

      We have a number of enrolled Linux and AIX servers (BladeLogic App Servers on v8.0.6, Agent is 7.5).  There are no issues when it comes to pushing ACLs, browsing the filesystem (in the client and NSH), but when 'Verify' is run against these servers, the error 'Connection timed out' comes back.  Since the servers can't be verified, their agent status is stuck at 'Not Responding', which causes them to be missing in a lot of our smart groups. 


      Why would we be receiving a 'Connection timed out' error when running 'Verify', but other actions work without issue?  We tried setting the exports file to * rw, but that did not help.  Also, when we run 'agentinfo' on these servers, we get an I/O error.  If we can connect to the servers through the agent port correctly, is the 'time out' between the database and the app servers and not the agent and the app servers?  If that was the case, I would expect all servers to behave like this, but it's only a limited number of them.  We have a large number of ACL policies which is affecting our performance in other areas and will be migrating to v8.2 this summer to remediate that issue.