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    ARServer performance

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      We are facing performance issues with ARserver.


      OS: IBM AIX

      ARS : 7.5

      ITSM 7.0

      DB: Oracle 10 g


      Need suggestions.




        • 1. ARServer performance
          Laurent Matheo

          There aren't many informations...

          What is slow? Access to mid-tier / browsing pages? Approbations? What are the symptoms?

          Does that appear after a certain number of users log in or always? Does that make arserver crash?

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            Hi Laurent,


            The issue is with thick client with some users (10-12 where total concurrent users are 300 -350- few using thick client) using it continuously(saving/updating the tickets).s,



            The time for saving and updating tickets go to 30-40 secs.


            Please note that it does not make arserver to crash.


            Please suggest.




            • 3. ARServer performance
              Ashwanth Padmanabhan

              after clicking save button it is taking 30-40 secs?? which form you are experiencing this delay? for all forms? or for specific form?


              what is the name of the form if it is specific...is there any custom workflow written during Submit/Modify calling any other program? plugin? or webservice wsdl of third party system....or any workflow is looping around?.....

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                Hi Ashwanath,


                Its HPD:Help Desk form.


                No custom workflows,plugins, WSDL etc.


                It was working fine in the past.


                Its been a month we are facing the issue.


                FYI the memory of the client systems facing the issues is 1 GB to 1.75 GB.




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                  There can be multiple reasons for the slow performance of AR Server.


                  Take active link,filter,sql,api logs while saving the incidents. It may happen that some api or filter or sql query is taking too long to process. Take all the logs of the same time stamp so that it will be easy for you to analyze them.






                  • 6. ARServer performance



                    I had similiar issues in the past, i may suggest you to collect performance statistics using the below tool.




                    I used in 7.1 version. Please check for your environment.





                    • 7. ARServer performance
                      Laurent Matheo

                      Yep, start with API + SQL first and see if there are unusual times.

                      Does it come from the same 10-12 people or is it random? Are they in the same location?

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                        It is for the same 10-12 people sitting at the same location.




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                          Laurent Matheo


                          Are there any other people at this location who don't have any issues?

                          Could be a network matter (firewall, bandwith...) or a hardware problem (but you mentioned it was working ok earlier).

                          You mentionned 30-40 seconds for saving / modifying an incident, what is the usual time for other users?


                          Try API+SQL for those people to check for unusual times as the other members suggested when saving an incident (30-40 seconds) and compare it (if possible) to logs from another "regular" user.

                          If you don't see anything weird, try logging also filters.

                          Then acls.


                          But if they have some issue opening forms, accessing consoles, displaying table fields values (so slow for all operations involving data retrieval) could be a network problem. It could be interesting monitoring network activity for this location if logs don't talk.

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