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    Control-M not able to pass values to Webservice

    Arjun Thakur
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      Hi All,


      I created below webservice usign Netbeans.




      public class AddNumbersImpl {

            @WebMethod(operationName = "getName")

          public String getName(@WebParam(name = "FName")

          String FName, @WebParam(name = "LName")

          String LName) {

              String FullName = FName + LName;

              return FullName;






      and configured the same in BMC Control-M


      In above screen I passed values for variable "FName" as "qq"  and for variable "LName" as "dd"



           While executing the control-m job, Webmethod "getName"  is not receiving any values from Control-M.

      But after execution of Webmethod, Control-M correctly fetch the "Return" value and displys it into the sysout.