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    Changes to workflows not reflecting on mid-tier even after flush cache/rebooting webserver/clearing IE cache

      Hi folks,


      I am facing this issue where changes to workflow's are taking long random intervals before they reflect on mid-tier and start to work. I tried all the basic steps available like flushing the mid-tier cache, rebooting the webserver (apache/tomcat), clearing the browser temp files and cache, but none seems to work here.




      ARS 7.0.1

      Mid-tier 7.1.0 patch 11

      Oracle DB


      Now the interval for the changes to reflect have increased to almost a day after its put on the server, and this is become a big issue. Is this a know issue for mid-tier 7.1 ? Has anyone had a chance to  get feedback from BMC on the same ?


      Any solutions, workarounds would be appreciated as I dont really see how the changes can be made to reflect immediate or short intervals.