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    CLM 2.1 SP1 - Customize the host name generation logic

      Hi all


      Another question from my side.


      With SP1 for CLM 2.1 there is more flexibility around the host name generation (described in

      https://docs.bmc.com/docs/display/clm21/Configuring+version+2.1+SP1#Configuringversion2.1SP1-Enablehostnamecustomization ). Unfortunately this is not flexible enough for us.


      Is there any way to customize the solution to

      * allow more than 8 characters for the host name prefix?

      * have different host name generation definitions for different tenants (e.g. for tenant A "bmccloud-1175", for tenant B "bmccloud-1175", for tenant C "bmccloud5110001")?

      * define the number ranges (e.g. from 1000-1999 for Windows Server, from 2000-2999 for RedHat Server, from 3000-3999 for Solaris server)?

      * generate host names like "bmc1175cloud" - so the number in the middle of the host name?


      Many thanks in advance!