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    BSA v82 Windows Patching questions



      I am using BSA v82 for Linux patching , and want to facilitate to windows as well, have some questions / doubts as below :-

      1. If we implement patch on windows system then right now windows team has to copy / stage from WSUS server and then implement the patch , How BSA Windows Patching is different from WSUS Patching?


      2. If we open a change request then already stage Patch on the server has to implenent , How fast BSA Patching is for Windows? Is it stage at the time of installation? Or via read only mount point from the repository itself ? Do we have to copy / stage patches on the server before actual implementation Or on the  fly it happens ?


      3. As per the Microsoft guideline for windows Patching we have to  ( Reboot the box -> Install the Patch - > Reboot again ). Is it possible  to have that all funcitons via BL for windows server with schedule time ? Can we do it with the same Patch Catalog Job ? Is it somewhere in pre / post tasks ?

      Automatic Installation of Patches


      4. Stop / start any application before applying patch via pre /post task ?


      5. Option to suppress the reboot option after applying a patch in same cases, If do not want to get reboot the box after certain patch applied then right now windows team has to run some command at the cmd prompt to disable reboot for a while.


      My apologies for these many question. If someone feels to re-direct me any FAQ which takes care all the question regarding Windows Patching that would be better option for me


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          Bill Robinson

          1  - BSA will automate all of this, so it will handle copying the patches to the targets and running the patch.  this can happen at different times if you want.


          2 - it really depends what you want to do.  you can run the deploy and push the patch at the same time, you can stage the patch files before the deploy, you can mount a file share during the deploy and pull patches from there.  blade will automate all of that for you.


          3 - yes, you can automate this.


          4 - yes


          5 - yes.

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            Thanks for the reply Bill


            1. Point Clear to me.


            2. Point Clear to me.


            3. Where are those option , could you please give me some clues on that ? Is it in pre / post task of patch remediation ?


            4. Same to the third point.


            5. How to do this suppress option ? Is it via pre / post tasks ?

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              Bill Robinson

              3 - you can create a nsh script job that does a reboot, and waits for the box to come online - you can add that to the batch job that's created for patch deploys.  there are a few of those scripts on the communities here.  i would also submit a rfe for a pre- deploy reboot option in jobs.  for the post- part you can use the reboot options on the job and say 'reboot at end of job'


              4 - in the pre/post of the job you can run any command you want, so 'net stop <service>' or 'sc <whatever>'


              5 - you can control the reboot options during deploy so no reboot is initiated until the end of the job, or ever, but it sounds like you want to get run of some warning message?  if it's a command line thing, put it in the post- command of the job.

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                Thanks Bill for your help.