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    UCS Blades and WinPE.wim



      I am  setting up physical provisioning of UCS blades (BladeLogic 8.1)

      I have created a winPE image with customer supplied drivers for nics and storage injected.

      I am at a stage where the blade (which already has a service profile) is allocated an IP and proceeds to download the winPe.wim image from the pxe/tftpserver. I then get the following error:-

      Is this because I need a specific winpe image for ucs blades? or because there is a problem with the nic drivers?

      Any ideas?




      Roger May



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          Hi Roger,


          This could be an issue with the injected drivers not being correct and not necessarily an issue with the UCS.


          I have come across this with bare metal provsioning with HP Hardware. Once I had the correct drivers this panel didnt come up.





          • 2. UCS Blades and WinPE.wim
            Hemal Shah

            This window pops up when the NIC card is not assigned an IP by the DHCP server. To debug further, close the window, break into console by pressing Ctrl + C, and check IP assigned if any by using "ipconfig". Drivers can be one of the problems why the NIC card does not get an IP assigned to it.

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              Vinoth Chelliah Mohan

              Looks like a driver issue so identified the interface (Palo/Emulex/Menloq/Oplin) card and inject(create) the same drivers into your winpe boot image will solve the problem.

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