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    Email filtering

    Lena Razov



      I need some advise about is it possible in FootPrints Service Core to build the following filtering for incoming emails:

      If someone sends an email to help desk email address we want only those from xyz.com domain to allow email to create help desk call.

      Once the call is being used, if we email someone external from within help desk system and they reply back we don’t want that email blocked from updating call.


      Any input on this would be highly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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          Do you wish to block all emails except those from a specific domain?  If so, you can set that up under Administration|Workspace|Mail Preferences.  At the bottom of the page, click the tab for Only Accept and enter in the domains you wish to allow in, one per line.  You can also add specific email addresses as opposed to domains.


          Does this help?




          Michael Santos

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            Kelson ONeil

            We did something very similar to what you want (at least from my understanding).

            The process involves 2 different email accounts (1 that is for footprints to receive, 1 to send/receive general replies).


            In our environment we already had a "Helpdesk" email account. We created a "FootPrintsHelpdesk" email account to generate FootPrints tickets.


            We set a server email rules on the first "Helpdesk" email account. This rule is set to FORWARD all emails to the newly created "FootPrintsHelpdesk" email account (the one FootPrints checks). We also set exceptions to the rule. These are set to exclude emails that have the following terms in the subject line:

            • RE:
            • Re:
            • rE:
            • re:


            As a result of the rule, primarily new and forwarded emails get a


            FootPrints ticket. All replies are then handled by our service desk in via the first "Helpdesk" email account.


            It is not 100% foolproof, but works under the acceptable peramiters.

            Some of the issues we have include:

            • Not all emails are filtered correctly based on the exceptions (a limitation of Exchange 2007)
            • We allow all emails to enter out system (with the exception of ones dropped by our spam filter).
              • This results in non-support related emails to get tickets generated (ie vender notifications, duplicate emails, oddly formed autoresponders, etc.)


            Again, if I understood your question correctly, this may be a solution to what you are trying to accomplish.


            Kelson O'Neil