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        Sachin NameToUpdate

        Hi Ashwanth,


        You need to use SRM Import Export console to export SRD,PDT from one server to other.

        You need to have SRM Administrator permission to access SRM Import Export Console.

        Following steps need to be followed:


        a) Login to SRM Import Export Console on source server.

        b) Search for SRD which you have created.

        c) Export SRD which you have searched alongwith supporting data. The supporting data will involve questions, app target data, target data assosiations, variables, variable mapping etc along with pdt and aot.

        d) The exported data will be transferred as .arx file.

        e) Login to destination server and open SRM Import Export Console.

        f) load the exported arx on import console.

        g) Validate and promote SRD's on target server.


        Hope this helps.




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          Carl Wilson


          to add to Sachin's steps, there are pre-steps that you should do as this is not included with the Import/Export Console:


          1. Export the associated Application Templates (WO, IM, CHG) to an arx file.

          2. Import the associated Application Templates (WO, IM, CHG) using the BMC Remedy Data Import tool.


          Additionally, any supporting Foundation data needs to be moved also.






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            Ashwanth Padmanaban

            Thank you all folks with all your help i have imemented srm for a customer...thank you all much appreciated...

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