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    App Server on RHEL5

      I'm between projects at the moment, so I'm familiarizing myself with the newest version of BBSA, and pursuant to that, I'm building a new environment. Since most of the engagements I've had have been on Linux infrastructure, and since I'm more comfortable in Linux than in Windows anyway, I decided to try to get my environment working in RHEL.


      The first big hurdle I've hit is oracle's crippled free version(Oracle XE). I've also been told that once I do get it up and running, BBSA wil have limited functionality as a result of oracle's crippling. Has anyone ever gotten BBSA to work with a more conventional, nonproprietary RDBMS like mysql, postgresql, or even firebird?


      If so, what did you do to make it work?

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          Bill Robinson

          I believe you can use the full version of oracle for ‘development’ w/o incurring a license cost, but I would confirm w/ oracle on their terms.


          Otherwise we don’t support anything other than MSSQL and Oracle.  Postgre at one point had a plugin or something that was supposed to make it a drop in replacement for oracle so you could try that.


          I don’t know of any crippling due to use XE, other than being limited to 5g of tablespace.  That limitation means you can’t do a default install of bdssa.