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    Is it possible to export/import a directory structure?

    Ronald van Gogh



      at the moment I've setup packages in BSA in the following structure:


      -  Depot

         +-  CSM_Depot

            +-  Test package

               +-  Depot files

                  +-  Depot_file1

               +-  MY_BL_PACKAGE_V1.0


      The Bladelogic package ("MY_BL_PACKAGE_V1.0") uses the depot file ("Depot_file1") from the "Depot files" subdirectory when installing software. I've got similar setups for other tasks and sometimes the "Depot files" subdirectories contain multiple files.

      I have now to copy this information from a test to a production environment.I tried to export the BLPackage (not excluding software, not changing soft links to hard links, not excluding depot files) and then tried to import it on the other site. Sadly I'm losing the directory structure then:


      -  Depot

         +-   CSM_Depot

            +-  Depot_file1

            +-  MY_BL_PACKAGE_V1.0


      The links are still working as they have been changed to the new setup it seems, so the package will probably still work, but I will lose my layout and get one list of all kinds of depotfiles.


      Is there a way to simply copy the directory structure/ as well?


      Kind regards,  Ronald van Gogh

        • 1. Is it possible to export/import a directory structure?

          I have done this for a customer on a large scale and it worked absolutely fine.

          I would go to the blpackage, export it. The only difference was I was excluding the blpackage, which does not matter here. While importing the same directory structure was taken. I think the structure is taken from the bldeploy.xml in the export file. If you can give me your email address, I will forward you a document which I had made as How The export/import of blpackages and depot objects would work. Ideally, if you export correctly, it should import with the same directory structure.


          is the BL Appserver and console version same in both the environments?