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    Provisioning Windows OS with Blade 8.2 - PXE error

      Hello all, I installed brand new BL 8.2 on a VM that has windows 2008 x64, running SQL2008


      I installed PXE/TFTP, as well as DHCP, all services are running and are configured as per Provisioing steps. The DHCP, PXE and BL App servers are all running on same VM.


      my DHCP is configured as follows:




      PXE is configured as follows



      although when I run Diagnostics test, I keep getting this error,(even after I follow the remediation steps, this error still comes up)



      I created the WinPE image, configured the data store (pxestore) and am trying to provision a Windows 2003 x86 install on a bare metal VM machine (both my BL app server and the bare metal VM have 1 network adapter each configured as "NAT - used to share the host's IP address"


      I created a new Device with the MAC of the bare metal VM, setup a provision job, and kicked off the job. When I reboot the bare metal VM, it gives out this PXE-E87 error


      I am wondering if its the VM setting for the Network adapters for both VMs, its currently sat to NAT. Although they are on the same network so PXE should be available for the bare metal VM to boot from. Any ideas? Thanks.