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    New classes in CMDB .. Can be used in SIM models?

    Jorge Xifra
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      Hi Guys,


      I have a customer that has CMDB 2.1, Impact Portal and SIM 7.2.

      SIM is installed but not implemented yet.

      In CMDB they created all the dependency relations. Next steps are create relations in Impact Portal and publish in SIM.


      Question: Can SIM take CIs from any class in CMDB and use those CIs in models?


      Customer has created the following two clases, among others

      1. Class HW_PACKAGE: They created this class to represent server clusters.

      2. Class CANAL: This represents business objects.


      All comments are appreciatted.





      Note: We are in the process of convincing the customer to migrate to BPPM, but for political reasons this has to wait for now.