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    AIX patch analysis understanding



      I want to understand the concept of AIX Patch Analysis in BBSA 8.0 using VPC.

      While performing AIX Patch Analysis, do we need to specify the baseline (i.e. filesets.txt - metadata) against the target server?

      If yes, then where is that option to specify?

      If not, then how the VPC will analysis the missing patches according to downloaded filesets.txt?


      In my case im using offline patch downloader.


      thnx in adv.




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          U just set the Class parameter of the AIX PA job to the property instance of the level u want to do analysis again.

          The analysis job picks up the filesets.txt from that level specific directory under "policy" directory.

          If this is a new level released after u have installed VPC or the last time u refreshed the policy

          U need to use refrfesh aix policy job and the offline downloader, that will create the PSI and then u can use the PAJ again !

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            It means that VPC does internally while analysis job.

            If i hv to do analysis job against 12-02-1036 patch for AIX 5.3 then i will need to create property instance 5300-12-02 and policy class parameters will be Class://SystemObject/AIX_Patching/5.3/Levels/5300-12-02 ?


            Is it what u mean to say that?

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              but u dont need to create the PSI manually, it should be  there,

              In case it is not there that means this patch level was released after u have installed VPC or after the last time u used to get all levels using offline donwloader and run the "refresh aix policy job"

              In that case, u should use use offline downloader to get the new levels and then run the "refresh aix policy job" which will create any new PSI/property set instances for u !

              And all u do in analysis job is point the parameter to right PSI the way u have said above, and it should work !

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                thnx for quick response.


                when i had installed VPC that time "refresh aix policy job" not created but VPC installed successfully.

                i had checked the log, it created all components like depot, job, server folder, property class. but not created "refresh aix policy job" in depot/job folder.

                and while installation of VPC i had mentioned Download_at_install=1 in install.conf file but there was no internet connection on that server. I think this is the reason why its not created.


                Also I have gone through VPC user guide. In page 43 there is concept of "Creating a custom property class instance". Using this we can create manually.

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                  Yes, the manual creation is possible and it works well with online mode

                  If u are working in offline mode,

                  even if u create this manually, it will not have the behind the scenes filesets.txt for this level in the policy directory

                  I will recommend using offline downloader for that

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                    what does mean by offline/online mode?


                    Im already using offline downloader and creating property class instance manually.

                    Does it mean that it will not work when i do analysis?

                    If yes, then how can i populate "refresh aix policy job" into console???

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                      offline is when the parameter for this is set to 0, where the Analysis job cannot go directly to IBM server to get data, where u have no internet connection from the appserver either directly or via a proxy


                      Seems like, the VPC installation didnt completed successfully, refer to user/install guide for details about the refresh aix job

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                        VPC installation completed successfully even i checked the installation logs.

                        Just refresh aix policies not created.


                        Hence for getting this script file in Depot, I imported from /patch/aixpu/policies directory into Depot folder and created NSH script job into Jobs folder.

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