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pw threshold command help

greder NameToUpdate



i'm using this command to export/import threshold to BPPM servers. I would like to create a checkpoint based only on few monitors type, unfortunatly, i cannot create it because i'm not sure of what monitor type represent.


When i open my BPPM console, go to Option, Administration, Intelligent Event Thresholds, and i look the name of monitor type, if i try to create my checkpoint upon theses names, system says that is an unexpected argument...


Someone could explain me, what and where can i find my monitor type ?



  • 1. pw threshold command help
    Derek Dang

    You had used the proper way to determine the monitor type.  The error indicates that incorrect option delimiters were used, e.g., should use double quotation marks to surround monitor type names with embedded spaces.


    Please include the exact command that gave you the error.




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    greder NameToUpdate

    Hi Derek,


    thx for your help.


    Here is my command:


    pw threshold checkpoint create BPPM_threshold_export_abs -mt "Windows Operating System/System Performance" -abs -glob



    Here the output:

    Error: Unexpected argument: Windows Operating System/System

    Error: Performance

    Error: Unable to create check point 'BPPM_threshold_export_abs'



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    Derek Dang

    It looks like you did not supply the description field right before the "-mt" option.  Here is the usage text for the command:


    # pw threshold checkpoint


    pw threshold checkpoint create <name> <desc> <options>

    pw threshold checkpoint load <name>

    pw threshold checkpoint list [<name>]

    pw threshold checkpoint delete <name>

    pw threshold checkpoint delete thresholds <options>

    pw threshold checkpoint export <name> [<filename>]

    pw threshold checkpoint import <filename>



    <name>    Unique name for CheckPoint

    <desc>    Description of CheckPoint

    <options> Filter to further narrow down threshold list.

    <options> <threshold_filter> | <partition+>


               -all|-glob|-inst [-abs|-sig]


               -g <group_name> <threshold_filter>

               -d <device_name> <threshold_filter>

               -mt <mo_type> <threshold_filter>





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    Derek Dang

    Also, the screen from which to retrieve the name of the monitor type is not here:




    Rather, go down to the next layer (click on the "edit" link under "Global Threshold") to get the name:






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    greder NameToUpdate

    Hi Derek,


    my light, my beacon...


    Ok it's working now, i'm so stupid, i am used to other editor where description are always optional...


    For your information, my command was still in error, the reason is the argument order, "-abs - glob" doesn't work, "-glob -abs" works.


    Thx anyway for your help