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    Unattend.xml entry to Select the OS

    Kishore Gnanasekaran

      Hi All,


      I am working on windows provisioning use case.  Where the customer has provided a iso for windows 2008 R2 (which includes datacenter, enterprise, standard).


      In this setup during the provisioning process the installation of OS stops at selecting  the OS type to be selected for install (i.e. Standard, Enterprise (or) datacenter).


      By default our system package creates an unattend.xml with meta entry for the selection, but it seems to be invalid.




                                  <Value>Windows Server 2008 R2 SERVERENTERPRISE</Value>



      I am able to change/customize the unattend file to include index instead of name and get the provisioning working unattended.









      My questions are


      1. Why the unattend.xml created by the system package didn't work?

      2. Will each ISO has different "image name"?  How can I find this image name value from the iso?



      Kishore Gnanasekaran