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    How to get a job type

      Hi All,


      I want to use BLCLI to get the type of a Job object.


      I'm using Blade Logic


      I got two Blade Logic servers (one for R&D and another for Production).


      I'd like to write a script to synchronize the content of one server with the other.


      The script I'm writing will iterate through the job and export them.


      However, the BLCLI command "importExport -> exportObject" take the job type as a parameter.


      I need to get the type of job (Batch Job: 200, NSH Script Job 111, etc.) for each job.


      The BLCLI command "Job -> getType" (unreleased) requires me to run "Utility -> setTargetObject" with the job in context.


      I'm not sure how do I get the Job object into the context so the "setTargetObject" command will store it.


      I'd appieciate any help.