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    BMC IMPACT MANAGER IX using CGI scripts.

    Steve Robinson

      I am looking at setting up dynamic help screens from a impact explorer console using a CGI script.


      My impact explorer consoles are running on window 7 or XP, the central server is AIX 5.3, and the web server is IIS on windows 2003 server.


      Does anyone have an example on this and something to get me started?

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          Garland Smith

          Here are some notes that I have regarding this:




          1.  From IX, use Edit=>Configuration.


          2.  Select Help Info tab.


          3.  Select the "Enable dynamic CGI lookups for Help Info".


               Dynamic Help is based on slot information for the selected


               event.  When you access dynamic help, a script creates a


               web page from a combination of the Help Info URL, the


               slot names, and slot values of the selected event.


          4.  Requirements to configure Dynamic Event Help:


               - Web Server is running


               - CGI is enabled


               - CGI script processes queries from IX



          • All event slots are passed to the query.



          • The script generates a dynamic HTML page.




          I realize this is pretty spartan but it's all I have available.  Once you


          get this implemented, if you have anything to add regarding your


          experience and what you did to get it working, I'd appreciate hearing


          about it.








          Garland Sm ith

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            Steve Robinson

            Thanks for the reply Garland.

            I have this information as well.  I need an example of the CGI script on the web server side.

            It seems to me that the CGI script would need to know what it is being sent to it and I need to know how to do this.

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              Niranjan Panigrahi

              Hello Steve,


              While using the Dynamic help the IX ties to initate the configured CGI script as well as passes the slot information that is configured in the parameter called  "slots_for_dynamic_help=" present in the IX.properties file


              For example if the slots_for_dynamic_help is set to mc_host,mc_object
              And the URL configured in the IX Help_Info field is  http://host_name:80/cgi-bin/TEST.pl.

              The the actual URL launched by IX is

              URL: http://hostname:80/cgi-bin/TEST.pl?mc_host=host_name&mc_object=Object_name


              The browser not only requests the web server to invoke the TEST.pl program, but it also passes the string mc_host=host_name to the program.

              Now it's up to the program to read the argument string and pick it apart.


              For the perl script to read this the perl script needs to use the CGI qw(param) module. And the variables should be declared as given below"


              my $host = param("mc_host");
              my $object = param("mc_object");

              Following is a example CGI perl script.


              use CGI qw(param);
              print "Content-type: text/html\n\n";

              my $host = param("mc_host");
              my $object = param("mc_object");

              print <<"EOF";

              <TITLE>Hello, world!</TITLE>

              <H1>The Error is reported for the host $host for $object</H1>