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    bltftp not logging

      Trying to resolve some issues with provisioning ESXi in our just upgraded 8.2 environment.  Yesterday we were getting a bunch of  File not Found errors in the tftpsvr.log.  Today we put the files it was looking for where they belong and our PXE build is getting farther, but now the tftp server isn't writing to the log.  I know it's doing something because when I stop iBLTFTP service the bare metal server just says TFTP....  when I start it, the bare metal server downloads and begins installing ESXi.  But nothing in the log for today besides:


      [16 May 2012 14:55:49,393] [main] [INFO] BlTftp Server Started with TFTProot:/opt/bmc/bcas/NSH/tftproot