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    Diskspace usage problem

      Hi All,


      Product info : Bladelogic Server Automaiton 8.1.111

      RSCD Agent:


      In these days upgrade 2,000 Windows RSCD Agents from to , system administrator feedback a few RSCD some Agents consume large diskspace and cpu resource, you could find details from the following screenshots ,for rscd.log pls click the attachments.

      I have some question:


      1)    Most of  RSCD 8.0 version ,windows system don’t generate userprofile for BladeLogicRSCD user,but 20% of them have ,why


      2)    All 8.1 version would generate userprofile for BladeLogicRSCD user under folder “C:/Documnts and setting/BladelogicRSCD”


      3)    .And which conditions RSCD Agent would generate internet temporary files  and  “Application Data /Microsoft/EXCEL ?


      4)    AS my understanding in windows os ,the userprofile would generate when user first interactive logon ,but BladelogicRSCD user never logon interactive ,why ?



      Ankit Gupta