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    Integrate Atrium SSO 7.6.04 to AR System to logon without login/password

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      I'd like to use BMC Remedy ITSM Suite without enter manually login and password. it should be taken from user authentication inside domain.

      In the past I created a custom plugin area and read an header inside browser to identify the user.

      Now I'd like to use BMC Atrium SSO to make the same functional feature.

      So I'm proceding in this way:

      1) Install BMC Atrium SSO 7.6.04

      2) Connecting to Active Directory as described on Administration doc (7 Using Active Directory for authentication pag 59)

      3) Test the correct connection to active directory


      4) connect Atrium SSO to BMC Remedy

      5) configure bmc Remedy to use Atrium SSO

      6) Test that an user authenticated to the network it have not to enter login and password.


      I don't succeeded in step 3 (how can I test if the configuration inserted is correct?) and I cannot login to user console.

      Do I need also configure: Configuration --> Authentication --> Active Directory. This configuration is not explained insede admin guide.


      Thanks a lot

      Someone used Atrium SSO to make my customer functional request? How did you configure the system?