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    Deploying AIX system user BLPackage

    Gerardo Bartoccini

      Has anbody ever deployed an AIX system user via a BLPackage?


      I have created such a job in order to create a user to be used by ADDM.

      Apparently everything works fine for a few days, then the user is prompted to change his password, which prevents ADDM from being able to log in.


      I believe the issue is with the expiration date of the system user.

      I actually set the expiration date to empty in the BLPackage and I have unflagged the corresponding option, so that it reads "Ignored" at the moment.


      Is that the correct procedure? Should I instead providing a huge number, such as 99999?


      Where can I double check the expiration date on the system? (I'm not on site and I need to provide guidance to customer).

      Is there something readable into /etc/shadow? Or is it stored somewhere else?