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    Renaming Administrator Account During Provisioning? Good Idea or Bad???

      Our internal processes require us to rename the default local administrator account on all windows 2008 R2 builds.
      Combining this with blade logic system package is troublesome and i am wondering is this a known issue, is there a way around it etc. any suggestions i can try

      I use secedit with a local inf file to rename the default local administrator account to say "superadmin"

      The BLADmins role has been mapped to the "superadmin" account under the AgentACL Tab
      When the ACLs are pushed all roles are mapped to this "superadmin" account


      If i add this (secedit command) in the Post-Install Script area the command executes and the job reports in with a green check mark but agent enrollment fails.

      when i check the users file under c:\windows\rsc the users file only contains one line entry


      So if the order of install is

      1. OS INstall
      2. Agent Install
      3. ACL Push
      4. Post Install
      5. PPBJ

      when is the agent actually getting enrolled into BBSA????


      I have tried to move the secedit command into the PPBJ but it breaks that process also, some of the jobs in the PPBJ simply dont run and thats because Bladelogic doesnt have access to the target as the role i am logged under is looking for the "superadmin" account which hasn't been renamed yet or BBSA doesnt know about it.