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    Unable to Install BMC Analytics 7.6.05

      Hi Folks,


      I'm trying to Install BMC Analytics 7.6.05 on a BO server and getting error that Database credentials cannot be validated.

      I'm sure that the DB credentials that I'm supplying are correct. According to our DBA we have Instance level encryption enabled and am not sure if BMC Analytics Installer can handle it.


      Here is the error on the DB side. Does anyone know how to bypass the DB credential evaluation issue?





        • 1. Unable to Install BMC Analytics 7.6.05

          The issue was Force Protocol Encryption was enabled on the SQL Server Install and BMC Analytics 7.6.05 (Even the previous versions) installer was missing encryption package in it. Once we disabled the Force Protocol Encryption we were able to proceed to further stpes, but didn't kow what to input in Parent and Child dataset name and had input random datasets. The Install failed but we are able to access BO reports.


          Just wanted to update this issue in case if anyone face this issue in future they would know what to do.