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    Your thoughts on Mainview Explorer Containers

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      Looking at recently delivered features in Mainview for Websphere MQ and the use of containers for building useful active display monitors.  So far this appears to be good progress and wonder if anyone else is also creating their own containers?  Would like to see that BMC create more of these in the EZExplorer tabs for all Mainview products.  Also wondered if having a central repository for sharing and exchange would be useful?

        • 1. Your thoughts on Mainview Explorer Containers
          Mark Rascoe

          We have numerous customers building their own containers. BMC has been collecting and reviewing containers built by different customers to help develop some OOTB containers for each product. We are interested in understanding what critical metrics are important to display within a product container and the best way to present the data, as tabular or graphical. Any feedback would be appreciated. One possible option we are looking into is the OOTB product containers would be provided as part of the MainView infrastructure and information about the containers would be included in MVExplorer’s help feature. As we receive feedback from customers, we would include the containers and comments from the customer as part of the MVExplorer release.


          Here’s some additional information on how customers are exploiting containers and the MVExplorer publish feature. One customer had a requirement to provide a wide audience of systems, applications, operations, and management teams information about how their system z environments/applications are running. To help develop a set of standard displays for each team, he solicited requirements from the different teams and built a set of standard containers for each product and used MVExplorer's publish feature. The publish feature provides the ability to capture all the data within a container, including hyperlinks and creates a snapshot of the information to a location, which in this case was an internal shared server. This provides the ability to standardize what and how the different teams view critical information about a particular environment without ever signing on to a system. The different teams can view all the information as if they were signed on and if they notice a potential problem that they need to check into, they can hyperlink on that container / field of interest and MVExplorer will launch the log-on display and once logged on would take the user to the appropriate display. And one last thing about this solution, the containers were being published to the server every 15 seconds.