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    CMDB and Multi-tenancy - Recon and Product Categorization

    Kelly Deaver

      Has anyone out there really thought through CMDB and multi-tenancy? Here are some issues I'm seeing and wondering about -


      Product Categorization - It seems that Prod Cat has an enforced unique index on Product Name + Manufacturer. That might be well and good if you werenot living with legacy data. We have some companies that began iwth Marinba back when you got the glorious Hardware > BMC Discovered> Laptop > Latitude >Dell. We have another company that came along later and they went with Hardware > Computer System > Laptop > EliteBook > Hewlett-Packard. NOW we have a company that has both systems. We can't create standard categorization to go with both models without doing something ugly to the Product Name or the Manufacturer. Am I the only person who thinks that Company should be part of the legal combination?  As you can probably guess, we don't use -Global- because we can't assure that any product is universally available to all our customer companies.


      CMDB Reconciliation - I can't find it documented anywhere but am I right that Company = Company should be added to all the standard identification rules? For Computer System - Domain should keep the uniqueness but the standard rules for Application are just based on Name.  it seems there is a high probabilty that multple companies have the same applications and a reasonable probability that you could hit on Oracle on Testserver or something like that. but Oracle on Testserver + Company would have to be unique or we have bigger issues. We do require Company field on all our CI records.


      How are others dealing with this? Any other gotcha I should be aware of when it comes to multiple companies in the same CMDB?


      Kelly D

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          Currently Product Catalog's categorization is global (Common to all). The solution would be move the categorization fields to Product-Company Association table & there is already an enhancemnt request for the same. For CMDB, there is a plan in the next release to add company field to CIs. Iam not in decision-making position to make a statement as to when these enhancements will be delivered.

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            As Suresh mentioned, the solutions you are proposing are being considered for a future release.  The tenancy information needs to be added to product catalog so that different tenants could have their private products or private categorizations.  Similarly, reconciliation engine will also require to be tenant aware and your suggestion about adding company=company qualification to the rules is right if there are multiple tenants where this a high likelihood that Names can be conflicting across two tenants.  Until we provide a complete solution in future, the suggestions you are proposing will allow CMDB to be tenant aware in PC and RE.