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    Patch Deployment on Windows 2008 HPC edition

    Steffen Kreis



      we are heavily using the Windows Server 2008 R2 HPC edition in our environemnt.

      So far BL wasn't able to deploy OS patches to these servers, as the HPC edition wasn't supported by Shavlik.


      This has changed now since a while and HPC is listed as a supported product with Shavlik.


      As the patches basically are the same as for a "default" 2008 R2 build, i was wondering if BL can support the HPC edition as well now.


      I checked a shavlik_result.xml generated by blpatchcheck2.exe and it clearly recognizes lot's and lot's of missing OS patches.

      However it seems not to be able to map these to existing bulletins within our catalog, which has a filter for "Windows Server 2008"


      Any suggestions ?




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          This is a very interesting use case. I would think that the patch catalog for Windows Server 2008 should show the patches for the HPC as well. And I dont have a HPC VM or any box to test with either.


          My suggestion with this would be to open a ticket with BMC Support. They can test this in house and if needed, raise an RFE too. They might be able to give you a workaround too till this is supported by BL.


          Let us know what you do finally.