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    Error with RSCD bulk installer on windows server



        When i tried to RSCD agent installation on windows servers through Bulk RSCD installer then throwing the below error.



      2012-05-08|02:15:15] Starting agent install routines

      [2012-05-08|02:15:15] Checking agent status on

      [2012-05-08|02:15:36] No existing RSCD Agent detected on :

      [2012-05-08|02:15:36] Proceeding with the install routine.

      [2012-05-08|02:15:36] Agent installer selected :agentinstaller1

      [2012-05-08|02:15:36] RSC File selected :rsc1

      [2012-05-08|02:15:36] Attempting copier Windows Local Copier with password set: password1


      [2012-05-08|02:15:36] Attempting to copy agent installer "agentinstaller1" over SMB


      [2012-05-08|02:16:06] Destination Directory Error -

      [2012-05-08|02:16:06] No copiers were successful.


      Any one can help me out?


      Vipin Tripathi