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    SLM - No Service Target Assigned



      We are running ITSM 7.1, have created a Resolution based Service Target with Terms and Conditions for Crtical incidents assigned to a particular support group be resolved in 4 hours.


      Configured the Hours in the Single Goal Cost

      Specified the Measurement Criteria

      Set the Milestones and actions

      Built the ST successfully.


      Created an Agreement to be compliance 95%

      Set the Expiration and notification date

      Set the Review Period

      Set the Milestones and Actions.

      Built the Agreement successfully


      I created a critical incident and assigned it to the support group. I can see that the serivce target listed in the Service Target table under SLM tab and Progress = In Process.


      Also when there is a breach, the incident states Missed Goal or Met Goals when met.


      But the "Next Target Date" is not set and SLM Status is always "No Service Target Assigned". Is there any other setting that I am missing.