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    Service Impact Manager and CMDB Atrium Explorer

    Harald Kapferer

      Hello everybody,


      I have currently an environment with SIM 7.4 and ARS/CMDB 7.6.03

      Due to the incompatibility of SIM 7.4 with the IaaA (impact as an attribute) function of the CMDB I cannot use the Atrium Explorer (or at least it is not supported) which was no problem till now as I used the SME for building the service models.


      But know we have requests regarding the CMDB which could be handled with the Atrium Explorer just fine.

      Does anyone have experiences with such an environment and can tell me if it leads to problems when using the Atrium Explorer?


      Can this incompatibility be solved by upgrading the SIM to a ProactiveNet installation?

      Does anyone have experiences which such an upgrade?


      Any information is welcome


      regards, Harald