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    Edit Lock Dashboard

    Abraham Gillinta



      Is anyone aware of how to have a dashboard that shows tickets that are currently being edited or "worked on"? This would be helpful for our organization. We keep requests in the queue and each agent picks up the next oldest request. However the problem continues to be that they go into a ticket and its locked by another agent OR the agent has been working on the issue for a long period of time and it unlocks itself based on what is set 40 mins to 3 hours. Its very counterproductive.


      We utilize the dashboards quite a bit and to quickly glance and see that a ticket is being worked on rather than clicking to edit or the added extra step of "taking" the ticket.


      Thoughts? Has anyone created such a dashboard? In addition from a management standpoint it would be beneficial to see what issues are being currently worked on.




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          Hi Abraham,


          Edit Locks on tickets are, unfortunately, not stored in the database.  FootPrints Service Core writes a temp file in the footprints\temp directory to track the workspace number and ticket number that is currently being edited.  For example, if I was editing ticket 1234 in workspace 1, the file in footprints\temp would be named EditLock.1.1234.txt.  Inside there will be the FootPrints user ID of the user editing the ticket.


          That being said, creating a homepage dashboard to look for specific files on the FootPrints Service Core server is beyond my knowledge.  If you could write some program that would scan the footprints\temp directory for any EditLock.*.txt files, you could have it output the results in a simple HTML file that can then be called up as a custom dashboard component.


          Hope that gets you started in the right direction.




          Michael Santos
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