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    blcli in 8.1 for set host property



      i'm using below blcli to setup host property in 8.1 but got error. can anyone let me know the new command?



      blcli -v defaultProfile -r CMAdmins  Server setPropertyValueByName $server $property $value


      Command execution failed.  Attempting to set a illegal enumerated value for property:...






        • 1. blcli in 8.1 for set host property

          This is an error which you get when you are trying to set a value for a Property which is of type Enemurated, and the value you have provided is not one of the specified values in the enumerated list.

          Check in Property Dictionary-> Built in -> Server  and Check the Property you are trying to set

          See what values are specified in Enumerated list and only one of them can be used.