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    BBSA Error Codes

      Hello Everyone,


      Can any one help me with the list of error codes available in BBSA with description.


      Because we are frequently facing different kinds of errors while deploying jobs/scripts/packages.


      Kindly help me by attaching the document to this discussion please, which would help us a lot while troubleshooting.


      Many Thanks,


        • 1. BBSA Error Codes


             There are various exit codes that you can encounter with BBSA. Take a look at the https://kb.bmc.com/infocenter/index?page=content&id=KA287335&actp=LIST article, this talks about a few of them. I would suggest whenever you have an error to troubleshoot, check on the kb.bmc.com and the communities page and would get some insight. Apart from that, there are some troubleshooting guides also available on the KB site that can help too.


          Hope this helps.

          • 2. BBSA Error Codes

            Hello Prabhath,


            Many thanks for your valuable response. You really helped me a lot.


            I downloaded the flie which you provided. Unfortunatley it doesn't contain the proper information.

            Possible meaning & Possible Solution are not really meaningful and those are old version (7.4).


            I browsed the KB and not able to find proper information.


            Can't we find BMC's official error/return codes document??


            Once again many thanks.



            • 3. BBSA Error Codes

              Hi Raghava,

              I understand that the fixes for them will make you confused but thats the only documentation specific for error codes. I doubt there is any official documentation on error code for BBSA. I saw a RFE which was raised but later declined. But you can check the troubleshooting guide for BBSA. I checked on the KB site as well and there is no article ( Other than I sent to you earlier) but if you have an errror code you have most of the KBs already on it.


              My suggestion would be to search for the exact error code on the KB Site and find the cause/symptoms/solution. But if you really want the error codes to be documented, you could think of raising a RFE with support.

              • 4. BBSA Error Codes

                Also see, https://kb.bmc.com/infocenter/index?page=content&id=KA304741 This has more error codes and descriptions.


                Also check https://docs.bmc.com/docs/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=68452603 This has a Operations Manager Error Reference guide. I think that is what you need


                Hope this helps.

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                  Bill Robinson

                  We do not maintain such a list.  If you think it would be useful, please open a ticket w/ bmc support and ask them to create a rfe.

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                    Hello Prabhath,


                    Many thanks for your efforts and advise. I'll do as you said.


                    The below doesn't work. I mean it's giving page not found. If you can open the document, please attach to this discussion.






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                      Hi Bill,


                      Thanks for your advise. I'll do as you said.




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                        Return Code Exit Code Product Possible Meaning Possible Solution
                        6 3 Config Manager Permission issue with a package being deployed. Check the ACLs on the File Server Agent and permissions on the files in the File Server.
                        A reboot is required on the target server. Validate whether or not the target server needs to be rebooted.
                        11 1 Config Manager Packages that are getting generated automatically from Patch Analysis have names that are too long. Upgrade to 7.4.1 hotfix 2035 for the Config Manager client and all App Servers.
                        128 NA Config Manager There is something wrong with the Agent installation on the target server. Re-install the Agent on the target server.
                        129 NA Config Manager A job run is hitting a timeout that has been defined for that job. Remove any timeouts for the job.
                        139 NA Config Manager An RPM deployment is failing for a reason outside of BMC BladeLogic control. Troubleshoot the issue outside of BladeLogic manually on the server.
                        -4001 1 Config Manager Typically a patch deploy job is throwing a warning message that is not being suppressed by Config Manager. Upgrade to the latest 7.4.1 hotfix.
                        -4002 2 Config Manager A deployment has succeeded but requires manual reboot. Upgrade to the latest 7.4.1 hotfix.
                        -4003 3 Config Manager Can be seen during batch jobs during the post-OS install of provisioning during reboots. It means that a deploy has failed and requires manual reboot. Upgrade to the latest 7.4.1 hotfix.
                        5003 NA Provisioning Manager Can be seen when running a post-OS batch job as part of provisioning. Upgrade to 7.4.1 SP1.
                        5005 NA Config Manager May happen during the simulate phase of a BLPackage deploy job. Upgrade to 7.4.1 SP1 or 7.4.1 hotfix 649.


                        Deploy job exit codes (-4001, -4002, -4003)

                        From: bldeploy\XMlParser\main.cpp:


                        #define EXIT_SUCCEEDED 0x0


                        #define EXIT_FAILED 0x1

                        #define EXIT_REBOOT_REQUIRED 0x2

                        (you get exit code 3 with EXIT_FAILED + EXIT_REBOOT_REQUIRED).


                        static const int translateExitCode(const int exitCode)



                        switch(exitCode) {

                        case 1: return -4001;

                        case 2: return -4002;

                        case 3: return -4003;

                        case 0:


                        return 0;





                        static char* translateExitCodeToString(const int exitCode)


                        switch(exitCode) {

                        case 1: return "Deployment failed";

                        case 2: return "Deployment succeeded, but requires manual reboot";

                        case 3: return "Deployment failed and requires manual reboot";

                        case 0:


                        return "Deployment succeeded";



                        For the return codes:


                        //Possible return codes from BLdeploy.exe




                        #define APPLY_SUCCESSFUL                       1

                        #define UNDO_SUCCESSFUL                        2

                        #define DRYRUN_SUCCESSFUL                      3

                        #define APPLY_FAILED_NO_ROLLBACK               4

                        #define APPLY_FAILED_NO_AUTO_ROLLBACK          5

                        #define APPLY_FAILED_AUTO_ROLLBACK_SUCCESSFUL  6

                        #define APPLY_FAILED_AUTO_ROLLBACK_FAILED      7

                        #define UNDO_FAILED                            8

                        #define DRYRUN_FAILED                          9

                        #define DEPLOY_FAILED                          10




                        static char* translateReturnCodeToString(const int nRet, const int exitCode)


                        switch(nRet) {

                        case INCOMPLETE: return "Deployment incomplete";

                        case APPLY_SUCCESSFUL: {

                        if(exitCode & EXIT_REBOOT_REQUIRED ) {

                        return "Apply successful; Reboot required to complete";


                        return "Apply successful";


                        case UNDO_SUCCESSFUL: {

                        if(exitCode & EXIT_REBOOT_REQUIRED ) {

                        return "Undo successful; Reboot required to complete";


                        return "Undo successful";


                        case DRYRUN_SUCCESSFUL: return "DryRun successful";

                        case APPLY_FAILED_NO_ROLLBACK: return "Apply failed no rollback was created";

                        case APPLY_FAILED_NO_AUTO_ROLLBACK: return "Apply failed no auto-rollback occurred";

                        case APPLY_FAILED_AUTO_ROLLBACK_SUCCESSFUL: {

                        if(exitCode & EXIT_REBOOT_REQUIRED) {

                        return "Apply failed; auto-rollback successful. Reboot required to complete";


                        return "Apply failed; auto-rollback successful";


                        case UNDO_PARTIALLY_SUCCESSFUL:

                        return "Undo partially successful with failed items, overall job phase failure";

                        case APPLY_PARTIALLY_SUCCESSFUL:

                        return "Apply partially successful with failed items, overall job phase failure";

                        case APPLY_FAILED_AUTO_ROLLBACK_FAILED: return "Apply failed; auto-rollback failed";

                        case UNDO_FAILED: return "Undo failed";

                        case DRYRUN_FAILED: return "DryRun failed";


                        case DEPLOY_FAILED:


                        return "Deployment failed to process";




                        Sub-Return Messages

                        This information is published on the following KB article: https://www.bladelogic.com/community/entry.jspa?externalID=1378&categoryID=33


                        Return Code Exit Code Meaning
                        0 1 Deployment incomplete
                        1 0 Apply successful
                        1 2 Apply successful; Reboot required to complete
                        2 0 Undo successful
                        2 2 Undo successful; Reboot required to complete
                        3 0 DryRun successful
                        4 1 Apply failed no rollback was created
                        5 1 Apply failed no auto-rollback occurred
                        6 1 Apply failed; auto-rollback successful
                        6 3 Apply failed; auto-rollback successful. Reboot required to complete
                        7 1 Apply failed; auto-rollback failed
                        8 1 Undo failed
                        9 1 DryRun failed
                        10 1 Deployment failed to process
                        11 1 Undo partially successful with failed items, overall job phase failure
                        12 1 Apply partially successful with failed items, overall job phase failure


                        Solaris 8 Patch Error Codes


                        0 No error


                        1 Usage error

                        2 Attempt to apply a patch that's already been applied

                        3 Effective UID is not root

                        4 Attempt to save original files failed

                        5 pkgadd failed

                        6 Patch is obsoleted

                        7 Invalid package directory

                        8 Attempting to patch a package that is not installed

                        9 Cannot access /usr/sbin/pkgadd (client problem)

                        10 Package validation errors

                        11 Error adding patch to root template

                        12 Patch script terminated due to signal

                        13 Symbolic link included in patch

                        14 NOT USED

                        15 The prepatch script had a return code other than 0.

                        16 The postpatch script had a return code other than 0.

                        17 Mismatch of the -d option between a previous patch install and the current one.

                        18 Not enough space in the file systems that are targets of the patch.

                        19 $SOFTINFO/INST_RELEASE file not found

                        20 A direct instance patch was required but not found

                        21 The required patches have not been installed on the manager

                        22 A progressive instance patch was required but not found

                        23 A restricted patch is already applied to the package

                        24 An incompatible patch is applied

                        25 A required patch is not applied

                        26 The user specified backout data can't be found

                        27 The relative directory supplied can't be found

                        28 A pkginfo file is corrupt or missing

                        29 Bad patch ID format

                        30 Dryrun failure(s)

                        31 Path given for -C option is invalid

                        32 Must be running Solaris 2.6 or greater

                        33 Bad formatted patch file or patch file not found

                        34 The appropriate kernel jumbo patch needs to be installed

                        Patch Player Error Codes


                        error code error string
                        0 PPX_SUCCESS
                        1 PPX_ERROR_VARIABLE_CACHE_EXHAUSTED
                        2 PPX_ERROR_ARCHIVE_EXTRACT
                        3 PPX_ERROR_PATCH_OPEN_FAILURE
                        4 PPX_ERROR_PATCH_BAD_GUID
                        6 PPX_ERROR_PACKAGE_OPEN_FAILURE
                        7 PPX_ERROR_PACKAGE_BAD_GUID
                        9 PPX_ERROR_FILEINFO_OPEN_FAILURE
                        10 PPX_ERROR_FILEINFO_BAD_GUID
                        11 PPX_ERROR_SIGNATURE_OPEN_FAILURE
                        12 PPX_ERROR_SIGNATURE_BAD_GUID
                        14 PPX_ERROR_FINGERPRINT_OPEN_FAILURE
                        15 PPX_ERROR_FINGERPRINT_BAD_GUID
                        19 PPX_ERROR_SCRIPT_BAD_FILEHANDLE
                        20 PPX_ERROR_EXTRACT_FILE
                        21 PPX_ERROR_INVALID_ROOT_HKEY
                        23 PPX_ERROR_JAVASCRIPT_UNSUPPORTED
                        24 PPX_ERROR_OUT_OF_MEMORY
                        25 PPX_ERROR_MISSING_PREREQ_SIGNATURE
                        26 PPX_ERROR_INVALID_PREREQ_LANGUAGE
                        27 PPX_ERROR_EXPIRED_LICENSE_KEY
                        28 PPX_ERROR_ENTITLED_FILE_MISSING
                        29 PPX_ERROR_ENTITLED_FILE_BAD_CHECKSUM
                        30 PPX_ERROR_ENTITLED_FILE_WRONG_SIZE
                        33 PPX_ERROR_PACKAGE_MKDIR_FAILURE
                        35 PPX_ERROR_FINGERPRINT_WMI_ERROR
                        36 PPX_ERROR_RELEVANCE_SCRIPT_SYNTAX
                        37 PPX_ERROR_UNKNOWN


                        Installer Error Codes

                        • EXIT_CODE_INSTALL_ABORTED=1
                        • EXIT_CODE_DEPLOYMENT_UPGRADE_FAIL=2
                        • EXIT_CODE_FILE_REPLACE=3
                        • EXIT_CODE_MISSING_CERT_PWD=4
                        • EXIT_CODE_PROFILES_XML_MIGRATOR_FAIL=5
                        • EXIT_CODE_PROFILES_MIGRATOR_FAIL=6
                        • EXIT_CODE_PRNDGD_FAIL=7
                        • EXIT_CODE_MIGRATE_AGENT_ERROR=12
                        • EXIT_CODE_DOWNGRADE=13
                        • EXIT_CODE_HPUX_SLN_LOCAL=1
                        • EXIT_CODE_UNSUP_PLAT=1
                        • EXIT_CODE_INVALID_COMMAND_LINE=1
                        • EXIT_CODE_NO_LOCALE_FILE=1
                        • EXIT_CODE_NOT_ROOT_USER=1
                        • EXIT_CODE_NO_LICENSE_FILE=1
                        • EXIT_CODE_UPGRADE_ABORTED=1
                        • EXIT_CODE_LIC_DECLINE=1
                        • EXIT_CODE_NSH_UPGRADE_NOT_INCLUDED=1
                        • EXIT_CODE_APSRV_UPGRADE_NOT_INCLUDED=1
                        • EXIT_CODE_PXE_UPGRADE_NOT_INCLUDED=1
                        • EXIT_CODE_TFTP_UPGRADE_NOT_INCLUDED=1
                        • EXIT_CODE_MYSQL_UPGRADE_NOT_INCLUDED=1
                        • EXIT_CODE_OLD_VERSION_UPGRADE_FAIL=1
                        • EXIT_CODE_USER_GROUP_CREATE_ERROR=1
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                          Hello Prabhath,


                          Highly apppreciated. It's really helpful.


                          Thanks a lot.