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    Configure Cluster KM

      Hello everyone,


      Could you please help me configure the KM Cluster (MCS_Load.kml)?

      I followed all the steps in the KM Cluster documentation with the PCC (Patrol Cluster Configuration) and then added all nodes in the Patrol Classic Console . The nodes are "mexfilcl01" and "mexfilcl02" (both port agents 3181). The virtual host is "cl-mexfiles" (port agent in 3185).

      The following image you can see that the KM Cluster is preloaded on the virtual host "cl-mexfiles" but we can only view the KM Cluster on the first node "mexfilcl01".


      We need to see the failover cluster in the virtual host "cl-mexfiles".


      Thanks & regards.




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          Even though you have preloaded the cluster KM in all the agent , the cluster KM will be running actively and visible only in the active node of the cluster , in your case mexfilcl01 server and  if the cluster failovers to the secondary node the KM will become active in secondary mexfilcl02 and will be deactive in primary .


          This switch back action is control heartbeat the two agents in nodes.


          Cluster KM will not be visible under Cluster agent "cl-mexfiles", since its virtual agent and virtual agent runs actively at a time only in active node of the cluster and it will only monitor other km load eg windowKM,domain etc.


          There are few more steps to configure the Cluster KM, this has be done on both the node server, so make one server active and perfom configuration and next make the secondary as active repeat the cluster KM config in console.  Then all set.(refer the Cluster KM  configuration guide )

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            Thanks Hemashekar Reddy, this is all I need.


            Thank you very much. Regards.

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              Hi Hemashekar,


              I have one query on the last point which you have mentioned.  Is there any way we can configure the passive node without making it active? i mean any manual ways??




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                Hi Rajesh,


                As per my knowledge the configuration utility provided by PCO best work with method and also ensures that the agent will failover in future along with database.This is mentioned in configuration guide as well.Its best to do this failover in off buisness hours. If you still want to do it other way as you specified,in that case contact support.




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                  Hi Hema,


                  Please confirm the exact name of Cluster KM configuration guide, which you are referring to.