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Open WorkOrder

Express NameToUpdate

Trying to find a way to open a WorkOrders instead of an Incident Ticket via email. Whats the best way to do this?



  • 1. Open WorkOrder
    Express NameToUpdate

    I created a Mail Listen BR with the


    Conditions = {TR,Subject} Equals Open Work Order


    Actions = Create, Work Orders, Work Order

    Actions = Create, Attachments, Attachments


    But it does not work, I can see the BR running in the job queue but nothing gets created.

  • 2. Open WorkOrder
    Express NameToUpdate

    The above is opening an Incident Ticket and a Work Order but no notification is given for the work Orders.


    Still need help...

  • 3. Open WorkOrder
    Express NameToUpdate


  • 4. Re: Open WorkOrder
    Julie Wynne

    Check your job queue and system monitor.   Has the rule suspended ?   Are there any errors from the time your rule ran in the system monitor ?

    Try watching the rule processing using DebugView – that will show you exactly what is happening.



  • 5. Open WorkOrder
    Lucian NameToUpdate

    check in business rules manager on disabled rules for "Open Work Order From Email" rule and activate it. if you need an email notification to be send after workorder creation you can add this as a new action in the above rule, something like method=Create, module=Notifications, form=Notifications, subject="Work Order {AR, 1} was created".

  • 6. Open WorkOrder
    Express NameToUpdate

    Still not working for me, it just keeps opening up an Incident ticket :/

  • 7. Re: Open WorkOrder
    Julie Wynne

    You need to do a BR something like this


    On create in mail listen with TR,subject=Open Work Order


    Create Work Order


    Client= DB,Clients,Email Addr=TR,AddrFrom



    Create Attachment



    File Name={TR,Attachment}


    Add a condition on your Create incident from email rule so it doesn’t fire with TR,Subject=Open Work Order



  • 8. Open WorkOrder
    Express NameToUpdate

    No LUCK!


    It is not working for me. Here is the thing, I have a BR to open calls with invalid subject, so in there I added an additional line so it wont fire up a Incident Ticket


    mail listen with TR,Subject DoesNotContain Open Work Order


    I then added all the steps as you have above to the new BR for the Work Order.


    It does not fire up a Incident but it will not fire up a Work Order either. I have tried running it without the entry in my first step but then it fires up a Incident ticket only.

  • 9. Open WorkOrder
    Express NameToUpdate

    After going over and over this again, I did noticed that after I save the BR and go back into it anything after the TR is gone!


    So where I put TR,Subject or TR, Message when I go back in it is gone!!??


    What am I missing??

  • 10. Re: Open WorkOrder
    Julie Wynne

    Have you watched it using DebugView ?    This is by far the easiest way to debug any business rule.



  • 11. Re: Open WorkOrder
    Julie Wynne

    Hi, Sorry, I may have confused you here...

    You need to put the curly braces around the TR,Subject etc.  – ie {TR,Subject}    - I omitted them because this forum often messes up the content.  Click the Transaction Data button in the Expression builder to make sure you have the correct values .  Below is the expression builder open on the Incident Description field on one of my ‘create incident from email’ rules.   Note the syntax.


    All this information is in the Business Rules Admin Guide (a PDF file under your Service desk express / Documentation folder on your app server).


    Hope this helps




  • 12. Open WorkOrder
    Express NameToUpdate

    Thats all good I was way aware of the {}'s. So I have been using them and I have created a few rules before as well. This one is just beating me to the ground. I just dont understand why the {TR,Subject} does not stay intact. Once I save and go back into it, it reverts back to just {TR,}. The Debug View didnt find anything either :/

  • 13. Open WorkOrder
    Express NameToUpdate

    Also when I look in the Expression Builder to try and add it using Transaction Data, Subject is not there, I do see Subject ID: and Subject ID

  • 14. Re: Open WorkOrder
    Julie Wynne

    Are you creating the rule against the Mail Listen module – ie on Mail Listen create ?


    If you use another module (eg Incident) where those fields don’t exist, then the BR engine will just clear them out because it doesn’t understand.


    Perhaps you could post your conditions page ?



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