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    which fillter pushing data from HPD:Helpdesk ----->SRM:Request

      Hi  all

      i  added  the   Resolution  Filed in

      RQC:ServiceRequestConsole  and



      but can some one tell me  which  AL/Fillter is resposible for pushing the data from HPD:Helpdesk ----->SRM:Request .

        • 1. which fillter pushing data from HPD:Helpdesk ----->SRM:Request
          Shantanu Ballal

          The easiest way to find any workflow for any action is to capture the logs. Please capture the filter and active link logs for the particular action and go through it to find the workflows which are pushing the data from HPD:Help desk to SRM:Request. I am not sure but you may also check the filters whose names are starting from "INT:HPDSRM:"





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            Raju Mangali



            If you want push the Resolution field value from HPD:Help Desk to SRM:Request form, you can write an active link by using Push field/Set field action on Submit, it would work for your requirement.


            Instead of wasting time by searching the workflow objecct.


            Please let me know if you want more information.



            Raju M.

            • 3. which fillter pushing data from HPD:Helpdesk ----->SRM:Request

              Hello Smruti,


              If incident is created through SRM then you need to perform following steps:


              a) When incident is created through SRD, CAI plugin creates a record on HPD:HelpDesk form by building CAI command paramter mappings and pushing a record in CAI:Events form.


              b) You use reuse existing filter on HPD:HelpDesk form which builds CAI event parameters for incident form field values . ( .e.g You can look at filter (INT:SRMHPD:INC:SyncIncident_300_WithRequest).




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              • 4. which fillter pushing data from HPD:Helpdesk ----->SRM:Request
                Shantanu Ballal



                It is a best practice to use the OOB workflows to achieve the functionalities in any tool. If there is an OOB workflow doing the same thing which you are trying to achieve through the custom workflow then it is of no use and this approach can not be justified anywhere. checking the logs to find the responsible workflows is a far better way rather than creating a new workflow. you will learn these things with more experience in remedy.




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                  Raju Mangali



                  Thanks for your suggestion


                  But if our workflow does not impact to any other then we can write custom workflow to achive our requirement with in our dead lines.


                  What if we would not have find OOB workflow with in the time and some times we are unalbe to find the workflow.




                  Raju M.

                  • 6. which fillter pushing data from HPD:Helpdesk ----->SRM:Request

                    Hi sachin,


                    the   fillter

                    INT:SRMHPD:INC:SyncIncident_300_WithRequest   i  am  not  getting   but

                    INT:HPDSRM:INC:SyncIncident_300_WithRequest`!   is  present and  i  found  this fillet  is  push   value  to CAI:EventParams  ,i  added  Resolution  field over there by adding  anothe push  action .but  its  not   working .


                    • 7. which fillter pushing data from HPD:Helpdesk ----->SRM:Request
                      Raju Mangali

                      Hello Smruti,


                      If your workflow is correct then you would need to flush the mid-tier cache after completing your workflow because this is related to SRM issue and depends on mid-teir.


                      Also try by writting new workflow instead adding to the OOB workflow and once you done it then flush the mid-tier cache.





                      Raju M.

                      • 8. which fillter pushing data from HPD:Helpdesk ----->SRM:Request
                        Ashwanth Padmanabhan



                        I will give you little bit more hint it should help you to complete the Push of Resolution field to SRM that you have successfully pushed the resolution in to the CAI:Event Param... so now you need to make sure it is reaching SRM:Request Form..


                        I can tell you the flow is like HPD:HelpDesk---->SRM:AppInstanceBridge---->SRM:Request


                        But in SRM:AppInstanceBridge it will read the value from the CAI:EventParam Form in order to push it to SRM:Request....so


                        you gotta come up with a Filter like this

                        SRM:AOI:GetEventParam_AppRequestInfo_20_Status`! for your Resolution


                        you can name it like this


                        SRM:AOI:GetEventParam_AppRequestInfo_20_Resolution!(this Filter should set the value of Resolution in to AppRequestResolution...may be a field you need to define in SRM:AppInstanceBridge as well as in SRM:Request


                        and make this Filter as part of this Filter Guide:




                        Once the value reached in the Field AppRequestResolution you gotta see how you can set that to the Field (Resolution) which is exposed to theuser....