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    SDE Surveys not displaying Answered Surveys correctly



      Here's my issue.  A year ago we launched the surveys within SDE to kick off after an incident was closed, and they ran for roughly 9 months. It was later discovered that the survey questions were are set with the same category number (in this case Category 1).  When we look at the surveys using the Answered Survey link we're able to see each answer for the submitted survey in the Survey Results window, but the category is improperly displayed and is only showing the results under Category 1.


      A few months we noticed the mistake and have corrected the questions so that they are now listed under their own category number. 

      example- Question 1 - Was your call answered correctly and politely is now listed under a category of 1 and so on.  However when we view an anwered survey, the category numbers are correct.  But under the Survey Results window it shows the same question repeatedly and does not display the other questions.


      Has anyone ever encountered this before or know what can be done to correct this?