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    Solaris patch catalog using Recommended Cluster

    Gurneet Singh Chopra



      Iny my environment, i have custom patchdiag.xref file. I have performed patch deployment through BL on some of the test servers successfully. But, customer is saying that BL has not followed the right order while pushing patches to target server. Rather, it has just referenced the provided patchdiag.xref file and pushed patches.


      Now, they have suggested a workaround to this that we should push Solaris Recommended patch cluster 10 sparc (which they already have). This way, the patches would be pushed in right order.


      Now i am in process to make Solaris offline patch catalog, I have below queries:


      (a) Can i give Solaris Cluster (Recommended 10 sparc) and All patches- All architecture filter in the same catalog ? As Cluster will not include all the patches which are present in xref file, i need to include those patches as well.


      (b) patchdiag.xref file contains only single patch instructions. Does it contain cluster information as well ? Or only normal single patch information is there which we normally have.


      (c) I tried updating catalog in the above way, but it gave me a following warning:


      Warning May 1, 2012 8:10:20 PM Cluster payload and meta data files not found at payload source location to process...Skipping cluster: Recommended OS Cluster Solaris 10 SPARC


      The main idea is to deploy the patches present in the patchdiag.xref file. But in the right order. Considering pushing cluster will do it in right order rather than using individual patch id's.