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    adding a server to the mid-tier server list

      we have an issue as follows

      we have an Application server that needs to be added to the Server List in the mid-tier servers

      We have access to the mid-tier configuration tool but cant add the server as we do not know what the Application server password is.

      We have access to the Application Server and it has a password configured in the the Connection Settings tab in the AR System Administration: Server Information form

      Does anyone know how/if we can decrypt the Application Server password so that we can add the server to the mid-tier server list?


      best regards



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          Hi Tom,


          for adding application server to the list of servers in midtier configuration page the AR Administration password is not required. Only Midtier administration password is required (usually it is arsystem).


          • If you are not aware of the Midtier administration password that was set during installation of midtier then you can reset it from AR SYstem Administration console -> connection settings -> mid tier administration password.
          • then you can login to the midtier config page http://<server-name>:<port no>/arsys/shared/config/config.jsp and go to configure AR Servers page to add the application server with mid tier administration password (new password provided in server information) and port no (if used).
          • accordingly you can select the preference / authentication server on the general page.



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            Greetings Amey,

            many thanks for the information.

            We looked for a while at the server settings and it was eventually confirmed that the error was happening within a Load balancer Server pool routing ...... but it gave us a chance to tidy up the server lists anyway !!!!!